The Research Group on Sensing in Physiology and Biomedicine is part of the Center for Autonomous Systems and Neuro-Robotics and is co-led by Dr. Oscar Cámara and Dr. Bart Bijnens. The group focuses on integrating engineering/physics knowledge with physiology in order to provide an interdisciplinary research environment.

The main research lines are:

  • Develop, validate and use computational approaches to measure and simulate physiological processes.
  • Develop and deploy mathematical and computational tools for describing and comparing complex geometries and their transformations in order to quantify biological organs and tissues.
  • Combine physiological, metabolic and anatomical knowledge and measurements to understand and stage diseases and to propose and evaluate therapies.
  • Develop innovative signal analysis techniques to quantify biomedical processes and their time course.
  • Explore the use of bioelectrical phenomena in the context of anatomical and physiological knowledge and personalised information for developing new methods and devices for biomedical diagnostics and therapies.

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