US students:

US students do not need a visa to enter Spain if their stay will be shorter than 90 days.

European students:

United States Department of Homeland Security regulations require all international students attending UCLA Summer Sessions to obtain an F-1 student visa. F-1 students are required to be enrolled full-time during the entire period of study. Enrollment in 8 (eight) units or more per six weeks of Summer Sessions classes is considered full-time.


F1 Visa Application

  • European students accepted in the program will be provided with an I-20 form by UCLA Summer Sessions.
  • Students will need to use the I-20 form to apply for an F1 student visa at their local U.S. embassy.
  • To apply for the F1 visa, students must first pay the so-called SEVIS fee. Read all requirements and pay at at least 3 days before your visa interview.
  • Students should have the paper receipt from their electronic SEVIS fee payment available at the time of entry into the U.S. and at the interview appointment.
  • Students must keep the I-20 form with them when they enter the US and keep it throughout their stay there.