Global Cities

"Global Cities: Barcelona - Los Angeles" is a Summer School conceived and organized by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). This program provides a comparative perspective on a variety of topics from a cross-disciplinary perspective but pertaining specially to the Humanities, Political Science, Economics and Communication Studies. These are not only core academic areas both at UPF and UCLA, but also knowledge fields that reflect the creativity, the industries and the social, political and cultural background of the host cities: Barcelona and Los Angeles.

The Summer School "Global Cities: Barcelona - Los Angeles" offers a joint program divided in two consecutive sessions, the former at UPF in Barcelona (from July 04 to July 29) and the later at UCLA in Los Angeles (from August 1 to September 9).

It therefore allows students to take courses at both institutions during their respective summer sessions, providing a full-quarter credit progression with the added value of mobility. Both sessions are part of the regular academic offer of UPF (Barcelona International Summer School) and UCLA (Summer Session C), and can therefore also be taken as independent modules by local and international students according to the enrolment rules of each institution.

"Global Cities: Barcelona - Los Angeles" offers European, North American and other international students the opportunity to mix in the classroom and enjoy a unique academic and cultural experience which combines credit-bearing courses with on-site learning activities. Taking into consideration the level of commitment required to complete the two modules in 10 weeks, the joint program has been conceived as an honors program and is mainly addressed to outstanding students. 

The faculty in charge of all courses is regular UPF and UCLA teaching staff with the relevant expertise in the study field. Guest speakers may be invited to join and participate in some of the sessions.

UPF offers 8 mobility scholarships to outstanding UPF students to participate in this program.


List of courses and session dates

UPF Summer Session courses  UCLA Summer Session courses 
Dates: July 04-July 29 2022 Dates: August 1-September 9 2022

6 ECTS COURSES (4 week courses)

- Barcelona on Stage: Documentary Workshop

- Brexit, EU and Global World: Current Challenges in European Politics and Society

- Modern Statistical Computing in R

Lengua española (beginner, intermediate and advanced evels) 

6.5 ECTS COURSES (5 UCLA units)



4 ECTS COURSES (2 week courses)

Culture and Business: Spain s Top Brands

- Current Ethical and Legal Challenges in Sport

- Ecosistema Google y Marketing Digital 

- Formas de ensayo audiovisual

- Gender, Power and Violence

Justicia global y desarrollo sostenible

La creación de narrativas y ensayos audiovisuales para transmitir ideas y emociones

- Law and Economics-Why should we obey?

Oral Communication for Students 

Pantallas españolas: antología de relatos audiovisuales contemporáneos

Population Health and Well-Being consequences of Demographic Changes

Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

Understanding the Biology of Humans for Social Sciences and Humanities


- COMM 110 – Gender and Communication

- COMM 140 – Theory of Persuasive Communication

- COMM 148 – Integrated Marketing Communications

- COMM 156 – Social Networking

- COMM 166 – Inside Hollywood

- ECON 122 – International Finance

- FILM TV 122E-Digital Cinematography

- FILM TV 122M-Film and Television Directing

- FILM TV 183C-Producing III: Marketing, Distribution, and Exhibition

- MGMT 182 – Leadership Principles and Practice

- FILM TV 122E – Digital Cinematography

- FILM TV 122M – Film and Television Directing

- FILM TV 183C – Producing III: Marketing, Distribution, and Exhibition

- HIST M142C-History of Religion in the U.S.

- HIST M155-History of Los Angeles

- MGMT 163-Entrepreneurship and New Product Development 

- MGMT 180-Special Topics in Management: Business Interpersonal Communication 

- MGMT 180-Special Topics in Management: Introduction to Business through Sport

- MGMT 180-Special Topics in Management: Content Creation and Exploitation in Digital Age

-MGMT 182-Leadership Principles and Practice

-POL SCI 150-Political Violence

-POL SCI 169-Special Studies in Comparative Politics

-POL SCI 186-Special Studies in Race, Ethnicity, and Politics: Latinx Politics, Health, and Identity in U.S.

-SOCIOL 147A-Sociology of Crime

2 ECTS COURSES (1 week courses)

- A Brief Archaeology of (some) Western Myths

- Derechos humanos en el siglo XXI 

- Health Inequalities: Understanding our Worse Epidemic

- La ciudad aristotélica

- Power and Passions: Barcelona through the Lens of History

-The Artistic Brain: Biology and Computation behind Music

-Time: Human Views on the Progress of Existence

Using Citizen Science to Fight Mosquitos

Venus on the Screen

Workshop: Transmedia Narrative Design