The master thesis project is evaluated by a committee constituted by three members: the thesis supervisor and two other members of the department. This evaluation considers the tutoring sessions, the oral presentation and the written report.

Important dates

Update (June 2020)

Due to the COVID situation, some thesis can be delayed and presentations postponed for the 1st week of September. This decision has to be taken by the corresponding thesis supervisor(s).


31 March Submission of the thesis proposal to the supervisor.
Late June  Submission of the draft report to the panel committee.
Early July Oral presentations and submission of the final report to the panel committee.

Oral presentation

Oral presentations of the thesis will be scheduled in mid July. They will take 20 minutes plus 10 minutes of questions from the evaluation committee.

Thesis report

The student has to submit a draft version of the thesis report to the evaluation committee before June 30th. Accordingly, the student and the supervisor have to arrange that the supervisor has enough time to read and assess the final thesis text before the presentation. The final version of the report must be submitted to the panel committee before the oral presentation.

Formatting of the report

As for the format of the written thesis (Font size, line spacing, margins, Section numbering etc) we propose that the students follow the template provided by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra for master theses. The MIIS board does not have any preference on the word processor and will accept documents written with any word processor.

The actual report can be structured according to Introduction, State of the Art, Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusion. However, this is not mandatory. Different overall organizations of the report can be used, if necessary. As a general guideline we would like to indicate that a Master report is not supposed to reach the comprehensiveness of a PhD thesis. An adequate length of the thesis is between 30-50 pages (this number is regarded as a guideline).