Back HDR4EU at NAB 2019

HDR4EU at NAB 2019

This year, Brainstorm Multimedia brought its incoming HDR featured InfinitySet version to the NAB show in Las Vegas.


The new graphic effects were displayed on big screens arousing great interest among visitors. Already existing clients and newcomers were interested on our new graphics receiving more in-depth information in one of the demo sets in our booth.

Those visits enabled us to learn more on how market is starting to adopt new HDR featured video cameras and home displays. Our clients also understood how InfinitySet, thanks to the European Project HDR4EU, is getting ready for these new HDR devices and how the new techniques can already be used to provide very promising and realistic render effects on the already existing SDR displays.

Some of the most ground-breaking new capabilities highlighted by our visitors were a better integration of the talent in the scene, the more contrasted images that HDR techniques are capable to deliver, and the improvements in graphics integration on augmented reality scenes, especially for sports contents.

In all likelihood, as happened with previous releases, clients will amaze us with the real potential of the newly integrated features in our tool.



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