Back HDR4EU Quarterly Meeting at UPF Barcelona

HDR4EU Quarterly Meeting at UPF Barcelona



The partners of the project presented their progress and engaged in interesting debates on each other’s work. Some of the topics discussed were related to the capture and display of real HDR images, tonemapping and inverse tonemapping.

More specifically, ARRI presented their latest improvements on Enhanced HDR material, and Real-time HDR to SDR conversion. FilmLight provided an update on HDR cross-conversion and environment customisation, and also about demonstrations, pilots and public feedback. UPF-IP4EC focussed on Conversion from HDR to SDR (and viceversa), both in real time and non-real time scenarios. UPF-GTI presented their work with synthetic images, and the implementation of certain HDR functionalities in the web. BRAINSTORM provided an update of their work with the real-time 3D render engine. Finally, BARCO presented their latest industry fairs organised, R&D progress and academic work. 




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