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Daniel Dubreuil visits Smoke & Mirrors



Daniel Dubreuil, Senior Product Manager Europe for Sony Professional Solution visited Smoke & Mirrors with a pre-production development model of their new BVM-HX310 4k HDR monitor.  He gave us an extensive demonstration, using both his test material and our own. This session was attended by our senior Colourists and Editors, as well as our Engineering team.


Whilst it should be acknowledged this was a pre-production model, the results were very impressive.  The monitor matched our existing BVM-X300 very closely, which was suprising, give the two monitors use different display panel technology – LCD (HX310) vs OLED (X300).  The performance of the HX310 at high NIT levels was outstanding, being able to display this level across the entire panel, compared to the X300 which has to clamp the brightness at these higher levels.




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