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ARRI cameras for HDR on Amazon



Cinematographer Tim Orr captures with ALEXA XT on the pilot of "Z: The Beginning of Everything," an Amazon Studios show requiring HDR deliverables.


The Amazon series "Z: The Beginning of Everything" centers on the 1920s American socialite Zelda Fitzgerald and her tempestuous marriage to novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald. As this was one of the first shows with UHD and HDR deliverables, the main grade was in Rec 709 with a trim pass for HDR, but Amazon’s commitment to High Dynamic Range content is increasing and it has selected ALEXA and AMIRA as its cameras of choice for the best overall UHD/HDR image quality. DP Tim Orr spoke to ARRI about shooting the pilot with ALEXA XT cameras, recording in ProRes 3.2K.


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