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HDR4EU project: Q5 meeting in Barcelona

HDR4EU project: Q5 meeting in Barcelona

The GTI presented some new features for their HDR tool in the web: the Collaborative Tool and the Chroma Key



The fifth meeting of the HDR4EU project took place in the UPF on the 7th and 8th of March. The partners of the project (ARRI, Filmlight, UPF and Barco) presented their progress and engaged in interesting debates on each other’s work. Most groups are focused on the capture and display of real HDR images, tonemapping and inverse tonemapping, whereas the GTI is working with synthetic images, and the implementation of certain HDR functionalities in the web.

Our tool already has an implementation of illuminating synthetic objects with both real and synthetic HDR environment maps, and applying different tonemappers for display in regular monitors (link). In this meeting we presented a couple more new features that we have been working on the past few months: the collaborative tool and chroma key.

The main idea behind the Collaborative Tool is to create HDR environment maps by combining several SDR images with different exposures and using these new images to illuminate a scene. Although this tool is still under development, we have some good results and keep improving it daily.

The Chroma Key implementation on the web allows the visualisation of videos, images and gifs that have a chroma key, inside our virtual environment. Click on this link or the image below to see an example and get a terrible song stuck in your head for the rest of the day!