Master's Degree in Current Democracies: Nationalism, Federalism and  Multiculturalism

Linguistic, national, ethnic, religious and cultural diversity is a consolidated reality in the world of modern democracies and is a trend of growing importance. The first decades of the 21st century are a testimony of a process of political, economic and technological change with global and irreversible characteristics that raises both challenges and opportunities for modern liberal democracies.

The main objective of this official master's programme is to prepare high-level academicians and professionals in the area of political theory, with the capacity of becoming specialists who can compete successfully in international academic and professional sphere.

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Master's Degree in Political Philosophy

This MA brings together international experts who cover a variety of topics in Political Philosophy (global justice, distributive justice, human rights, nationalism and secession, citizenship and pluralism, international relations & justice, immigration, religion & politics,  just war theories, feminism, art & politics) from both analytic and continental perspectives. 

The MA in Political Philosophy is an official master's programme, international and interdisciplinary. It is based on an agreement between three departments of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra: Political and Social Science, Law and Humanities. The main objective of the programme is to offer students coming from a variety of countries and having different backgrounds the main analytical and theoretical tools required to undertake research work in the field of political philosophy.

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