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Seminars GRTP 2021-2022

Seminars GRTP 2021-2022



The Political Theory Seminar, organised by the Political Theory Research Group (GRTP) at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, aims to gather all researchers at UPF and beyond working on all fields of social and political theory.


22 September 2021

Jaume López (UPF)

Social worldviews and sociopolitical awareness​ 

6 October 2021

 Peter A. Kraus 

(Augsburg University)

Popular republicanism vs. populism: articulating the people

3 November 2021

Raül Digón (UB)

The tracks of egalitarian ethos

15 December 2021

 Gemma Ubasart (UdG)

Reviewing Exclusionary Welfare Regimes: Andean Countries (Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru)

13 January 2022

 Marina Muñoz (UPF)

 Women’s political representation from an intersectional approach

27 January

Christopher Brucker

(U. Jena)

Biafran secessionism

10 February 2022

 Stephany Sun 


Secessionism on comparative law. Similarities and differences between Catalonia and Quebec

18 February 2022

Anna Clot (UB)

The Politics of Imagined Climate Futures

10 March 2022

 Pau Bossacoma (UPF)

Secession from the European Union & Secession from its Member States: Should We Treat Them Alike or Differently?

14 April 2022

 A. Díaz & M. Rincón (UB)

Kant and Rawls in the light of the ius ad bellum: reasons for a debate around cosmopolitanism. 

12 May 2022

 Óscar García Jaén (UPF)

Family-State  Analogy

16 June 2022

 Catia Faria 

(Universidade do Minho)

 Xenozoopolis: a feminist approach to interspecies justice

The GRTP Seminar will normally take place from 13:00 to 14.30 o’clock. All the sessions will be in room 20.175 (building Jaume I; Ciutadella Campus) or online (if required by COVID-19 measures).