GRITIM-UPF Weekly News: March 13

GRITIM-UPF Weekly News: March 13



GRITIM-UPF weekly news

March 13, 2020


GRITIM-UPF News: (presented in chronological order)

Gemma Pinyol-Jiménez was interviewed by Catalonia's public television channel TV3: “Erdogan ha mostrat el preu de tancar la porta als refugiats.” More info.

Lorenzo Gabrielli was interviewed by The Objective: “Vivir atrapados: el futuro de los migrantes y refugiados que quieren entrar en Grecia desde Turquía.” More info.

The 3rd round of applications for the 12th Edition of the Master in Migration Studies is now open until April 16th! More info.

The Audiovisual “Debate on Immigration and Education: How to Distinguish Problems from Challenges” between Miquel Àngel Essomba i Gelabert (UAB, Barcelona) and Zenia Hellgren (GRITIM-UPF, Barcelona) chaired by Mina Prokic (GRITIM-UPF, Barcelona) which took place on February 27th at UPF Ciutadella Campus, as part of the GRITIM-UPF Research Workshops and Seminars in Migration Studies 2019-2020​ is now available. More info.


EuroMedMig Update:

The publication of the 1st issue of the EuroMedMig Policy Paper Series “Climate Change, Environmental Degradation and Mediterranean Migration: Premises for Shaping Future Policies” prepared by Ricard Zapata-Barrero, Karina Melkonian and Gülce Şafak Özdemir, was on the UPF News. More info.


GRITIM-UPF Publication:

Zapata-Barrero, R. and E. Yalaz (2019) “Qualitative Migration Research Ethics: Mapping the Core Challenges.” GRITIM-UPF Working Paper Series, no. 42 (Winter).