GRITIM-UPF Weekly News: February 14

GRITIM-UPF Weekly News: February 14



GRITIM-UPF weekly news

February 14, 2020


GRITIM-UPF News: (presented in chronological order)

On March 6th, Ricard Zapata-Barrero will talk about “Tendencias lnterculturales y cambios sociales en la region Euro-Mediterranea” in ReFAL´s Annual Meeting at the Fundación Tres Culturas del Mediterráneo in Seville. More info.

On February 19-21, Ricard Zapata-Barrero, Gemma Aubarell Solduga and Gemma Pinyol-Jiménez will participate in the III International Congress “Les Ciutats Mediterrànies: Mobilitat i desplaçament de persones” organized by the IEC (Institute for Catalan Studies), in collaboration with the IEMed (European Institute of the Mediterranean) and the MedCities (Mediterranean Cities Network). More info.

On January 31st, GRITIM-UPF and ReSOMA jointly organized a closed seminar about “Interculturalism and Migration Observatories: Evidences, policy approaches and social ties” at the Ministry of Work, Social Affairs and Families of the Government of Catalonia. More info.

On January 21st, Lorenzo Gabrielli appeared on a podcast about the genealogy and architecture of border control apparatus produced by TEA (Tenerife Espacio de las Artes). More info.

The Audiovisual Seminar by Peggy Levitt (Wellesley College, USA) entitled “Migrating People, Migrating Culture: How Museums and Manuscripts Redefine the Nation” which took place on January 9th at UPF Ciutadella Campus, as part of the GRITIM-UPF Seminar Series, is now available. More info.


EuroMedMig Updates: (presented in chronological order)

The Audiovisual Seminar by Michael Collyer (University of Sussex, England) entitled “Hostile Environments in the Mediterranean” which took place on January 30th at IEMed in Barcelona, as part of the IEMed Series of lectures Aula Mediterrània 2019-2020, is now available. More info.

IMISCOE supported our EuroMedMig Ph.D. Summer School initiative entitled “Mediterranean Migration Studies: Theoretical and Empirical Research Agenda” to be held at UPF Barcelona in June-July 2021. More info.

EuroMedMig is welcoming submissions to its Working Paper Series. The purpose of the EuroMedMig Working Paper Series is to disseminate research in progress that may contribute to the development of Mediterranean Migration Studies, with an effort to go beyond Eurocentrism, promote knowledge exchange between scholars from all the rims of the Mediterranean and beyond, and foster a Mediterranean Thinking in Migration research agenda. More info.


GRITIM-UPF Publication:

Lundsteen, Martin. 2020. “Conflicts in and around Space: Reflections on ‘Mosque Conflicts’”. Journal of Muslims in Europe 9 (1): 1-21. Doi:


EuroMedMig Publications: (presented in alphabetical order)

Pastore, Ferruccio and Emanuela Roman. 2020. “Framing migration in the southern Mediterranean: How do civil society actors evaluate EU migration policies? The case of Tunisia.” Special Issue on: “Mediterranean migration research: Variable focal length”, Comparative Migration Studies 8 (2). Doi: 10.1186/s40878-019-0160-4.

Zapata-Barrero, R. 2020. “Editorial: 'Mediterranean thinking' for mapping a Mediterranean migration research agenda.” Special Issue on: “Mediterranean migration research: Variable focal length”, Comparative Migration Studies 8 (6). DOI: 10.1186/s40878-019-0170-2.