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GRITIM-UPF hosted the final conference of the Vakeripen project

GRITIM-UPF hosted the final conference of the Vakeripen project


On Friday the 15th of June, GRITIM-UPF hosted the final conference of the Vakeripen project in the Auditorium of the Pompeu Fabra University. Besides the partners Fundació Privada Pere Closa and Rromane Siklovne, the associate partner, the Office for Non-discrimination (Ajuntament de Barcelona), other actors from the Barcelona City Council and the Roma associations FAGiC and Lacho Bají Calí, we had the pleasure to welcome about 70 members of the Roma families who participated in the project as well as the school directors Marta del Campo from Institut-Escola Sant Adrià, Domi Viñas from Institut-Escola El Til·ler (Bon Pastor) and Teresa Llobet from El Gornal school, together with other participating school staff. This event was an opportunity to present the results to the project participants, engage in dialogue with them and show our gratitude for their dedication during these past 18 months. All participants agreed on the principal message of the event, that all of us, as researchers, school staff, Roma families and local authorities share the objective of improving the school situation of Roma children and that mutual respect, understanding and communication between schools and families are essential to achieve this. This was in line with the message transmitted by one of the invited speakers, Lola López, Commissioner of immigration, interculturalism and diversity at the City Council of Barcelona, who also emphasized the urgency in finally coming to an end with centuries of exclusion and discrimination of the Roma. After the presentation we enjoyed a live flamenco concert by Ley de Vida, and then everyone was invited to share the tables and continue the conversations during a festive dinner with paella and coca in the garden of the university, El Jardí de les Aigües.