Jawaharlal Nehru University

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Dr. Sheetal Sharma is Assistant Professor at the Centre for European Studies. Her research interests include social and cultural issues in contemporary Europe and India and their historical roots, Multiculturalism and Diversity, Methodology of Social Sciences, Diaspora, Gender and empowerment of women. Dr. Sharma avidly follows methodological and theoretical trends in Social Sciences and International Relations. She writes regularly on socially relevant issues in India and Europe for journals and magazines of national and international repute. She is also interested in and writes on issues relevant to education in India particularly higher education. She has completed Video Lecture Series in Sociology for CIET, NCERT' s project NROER (National Repository for Educational Resources and Training, these lectures can be accessed on NROER website). She has also been invited as a discussant on number of programs on radio and TV. She has presented papers in a number of national and international seminars and conferences.

She will be visiting GRITIM-UPF as a part of ERASMUS + Mobility Program between 9-13 October 2017.