CONICET, Argentina

Lucila Nejamkis was visiting GRITIM-UPF from 15th, December, 2014 to 15th, February, 2015. She is Assistant Researcher of CONICET (Apr 2015- ), postdoctoral researcher of CONICET (Apr 2012-March 2015). PhD in Social Sciences Universidad de Buenos Aires. Her PhD thesis analysed inmigration policies in Argentina and Mercosur. She is also M.A. in Political Action and Citizen Participation (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos y Colegio de Abogados de Madrid, Madrid-Spain). BA in Sociology (U.B.A). Ex-PhD fellow of Conicet, and Ex-M.A fellow of  Community of Madrid. Associate Researcher at IDAES (National University of San Martin, UNSAM) where she co-directs a migrations studies core. She is also Associate Professor at Arturo Jauretche National University. She has published numerous academic papers and chapters in books as well as participated in migration research projects in combination with subjects like public policies, state, nationality, citizenship and human rights in Argentina and MERCOSUR.