Project financed by the Anna Lindh Foundation within the field of "Migration, cities and diversity" (2011) Ref: ALF/CFP/2010/ST2/105 (download flyer)

This project proposes a framework of reflection on how cities in the Mediterranean region can orientate their cultural policies in contexts of immigration-related diversity, paying special attention to the social dimension of policies. Academic scholars from departments in Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Lisbon and Oran, explore through case studies how cities can use cultural policies to turn their commitment to diversity into actions. The project evolves around the elaboration of recommendations for a notion of a culture of diversity needed in the Mediterranean region and also suggestions of basic policy recommendations that can help to contribute to this notion. The Research Centers that together conduct a conceptual-based research report on cities cultural policies, are: GRITIM (Interdisciplinary Research Group in Immigration) at the Department of Political and Social Science of Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Ben Gurion University Department of Politics and Government at the Department of Sociology in Tel Aviv, Centro de Estudos Geográficos da Universidade de Lisboa in Lison and the Department of Sociology of Université d'Oran.