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Website: http://agreenment.adapt.it/

The project

Agreenment – A Green Mentality for Collective Bargaining aims to investigate how and why collective bargaining can contribute to embedding the principle of environmental sustainability into labour relations.  And how this can be done without abandoning but reinvigorating the ideals of justice, equality and democracy that justify the traditional and selective goals of the EU social model and collective bargaining regulation. The research project is based on the idea that there is no contradiction between environmental sustainability and the fundamental ideals and functions of labour law and industrial relations.

The project covers 6 EU countries: France, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK. The “extended experts network” enlarges the Agreenment perspective beyond the EU and the project countries.

The Agreenment project is co-funded by the European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, under budget heading VP/2017/004 (Grant Agreement VP/2017/004/0037), Improving expertise in the field of industrial relations.


Pompeu Fabra University: Consuelo Chacartegui (PI) and Sergio Canalda Criado 

Aix-Marseille University: Alexis Bugada (PI) 

Warwick University: Ania Zbyszewska (PI) and Marie Pillon

Szeged University: Balázs Rossu (PI)

Vienna University of Economics and Business: Miriam Kullmann-Klocke (PI)  

Universidad deAlmería: Juan Escribano Gutiérrez (scientific coordinator) 

ADAPT, Bergamo University: Paolo Tomassetti (project coordinator)


Extended experts network

Center for Social Studies, Coimbra University (Portugal): Stefania Barca, Senior Researcher in Economic and Environmental History, 

York University (Canada): David Doorey, Professor of Work Law and Industrial Relations, 


EU Grant VP/2017/004: 191.021,50 euro