This line of research examines policies and interventions on health and equity. Our research in the area of policies and interventions involves the critical analysis of the monitoring of social determinants, health, and equity, also evaluating its impacts on health and quality of life. Our work falls within the following five themes:


- Policy typologies and scenarios

- Monitoring and surveillance of Social Determinants of Health

- The impacts of capitalism and neoliberalism on health equity

- Evaluation of structural interventions

- Health inequality research capacities.


Topics we have explored with our research include: the classification of policies and interventions based on all possible outcome scenarios of changes in population health and health inequalities with examples of real policies; the proposal of typology of scenarios of health inequality reduction as an effective tool to interpret the differential impact of interventions and to reflect on how to adequately design or re-orient a policy and which measures to use to evaluate it; the monitoring and surveillance of employment conditions and precariousness, a neglected but essential and challenging public health issue; the evaluation of the impact of structural policies (eg., neoliberalism, precariousness, migration processes, laws) on health inequalities; and the main factors involved in the generation of health inequalities research capacities.