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New paper on Superblocks and climate change adaptation in Barcelona

New paper on Superblocks and climate change adaptation in Barcelona




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Professor Christos Zografos has co-authored (as primary author) a paper entitled: "The everyday politics of urban transformational adaptation: Struggles for authority and the Barcelona superblock project" which has been published in Cities (vol 99). Authors: Christos Zografos, Kai A. Klause, James T. Connolly, Isabelle Anguelovski.

Key findings:

-         The key driver behind opposition to superblocks is the everyday political struggle for the municipal authority, which materializes in clashing visions for the future city, and who has the political clout to define and own them;

-         Civic and political contestation over the authority of ‘climate champions’ can jeopardize not only transformational adaptation achievements, but also the political survival of champions themselves

Conclusion: transformational adaptation can be obstructed not only out of fear for the material and political effects of transformation per se, but also because of the message it conveys as concerns who has the authority to decide for “the common good”.

Link to the full article here





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