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da Rocha Fort ,Irene

PhD in Public Communication from UPF, her career stands out in the field of driving international projects applied to teaching innovation in Journalism studies, new media and the digital environment through a translational perspective. She has been project manager of the European Project "IJIE Integrated Journalism in Europe", funded by EACEA,, that aims to analyse the condition of integrated journalism education, tu develop a methodology arouynd media convergence and to program an integrated virtual newsroom. 

Her teaching carrer path has been recognitioned in two occasions (2011 and 2013) with de UPF Social Council Award to Teaching Quality. Her interdisciplinary training, BA in Audiovisual Communication (UPF), Advertising and Public Relations, ITM Research and Eastern Asia (UOC) and MA in Educational Technology (URV); Translation Interpretation and Intercultural Studies (UAB) and Literary Creation (UPF), allow her to operate with several theoretical backgrounds depending on the project she is working on. 

She is currently teaching at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC).