Designing interactive environments for outdoors gaming and play

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  • Zuckerman, O.; Parés, N.; Benford, S.; Lund, H.H.
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  • AA.VV.
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  • CHI Extended Abstracts 2006
  • Publication year
  • 2006
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  • 419-422
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  • Recent years have seen an increase in the design of outdoor interactive environments. In this SIG we want to discuss the key points in the design of an outdoor interactive environment, including interaction techniques, appropriate technologies, usage patterns, robustness, and safety. The SIG organizer and presenters are researchers from four universities around the world, who are actively designing and building interactive environments. The three presenters represent state-of-the-art work in distinct areas of the field. The SIG will focus on design process, challenges, implementation, and real-world evaluation, to be followed by an open discussion about the state-of-the-art and critical design factors in the field. Since CHI is the premier conference on human-computer interaction, it is the most suitable venue to discuss these issues, the results achieved so far, compare with other groups around the world, and discuss potential collaboration. We hope that this SIG can serve as a starting point to form a community of researchers and practitioners interested in interactive environments for outdoor gaming and play.
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  • Zuckerman, O.; Parés, N.; Benford, S.; Lund, H.H.. Designing interactive environments for outdoors gaming and play. In: AA.VV.. CHI Extended Abstracts 2006. 1 ed. 2006. p. 419-422.
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