Master Coordinator: Camil Ungureanu

The main objetive of the MA in Political Philosophy is to prepare researchers in this discipline, with the theoretical and methodological knowledge, and the critical and analytic attitude necessary to develop research at the highest international level and to participate in research teams providing a clear added value to the institutions or organizations in which they will be integrated.

Other objectives are:

  • To develop the necessary research competence to enter a PhD programme in Political Philosophy in the best international institutions with guaranteed success.
  • Prepare high-level researchers in the field of Political Philosophy and in the field of research of the Departments of Political and Social Sciences, Humanities and Law, and develop new lines of research within these Departments.
  • Acquire personal competences that improve the chances of the students to successfully integrate in the labour market.
  • estudiants en el mercat de treball.


  • Students UE: 1,800 €
  • Non UE students: 5,749.8 €


From September to June, Timetable From Monday to Friday


1 academic years full time, 2 academic years part time (60 ECTS credits)


English (with some optional subjects offered in Spanish and Catalan)



Course type

Research and academic

UPF PhD to which it grants access

PhD in Political and Social Sciences, PhD in Humanities, PhD in Law