Director of the MA: Dr. Camil Ungureanu



 1 academic year full time, 2 academic years part time (60 ECTS credits)


 From September to June

Tuition fee

 Tuition fee of the current year



Course types

 Research and academic

Doctoral studies to which it grants acces

 PhD in Political and Social Sciences, PhD in Humanities, PhD in Law


 English (with some optional subjects offered in Spanish and Catalan)


 Campus de la Ciutadella 

Title acquired by the students once the Master is finished

 Master's Degree in Political Philosophy




This MA brings together international experts who cover a variety of topics in Political Philosophy (global justice, distributive justice, human rights, nationalism and secession, citizenship and pluralism, international relations & justice, immigration, religion & politics,  just war theories, feminism, art & politics) from both analytic and continental perspectives. 

The MA in Political Philosophy is an official master's programme, international and interdisciplinary. It is based on an agreement between three departments of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra: Political and Social Science, Law and Humanities. The main objective of the programme is to offer students coming from a variety of countries and having different backgrounds the main analytical and theoretical tools required to undertake research work in the field of political philosophy. This interdepartmental and international MA is mainly aimed at holders of a degree in Political Science, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Humanities, Law, and Economics, although applications from holders of other degrees will also be considered.

Students will have the opportunity to write MA theses on a variety of relevant topics from an interdisciplinary perspective - for instance, combining law and political philosophy, international relations and political philosophy, economics and ethics, literature and politics, justice and policy-making -, and by considering analytical and/or continental approaches.

This programme allows students to acquire the knowledge and abilities they need to work as analysts in institutions or political and social organizations, or to undertake doctoral studies in this field (Students will be entitled to apply for places on the PhD programmes offered by the Departments of Political and Social Sciences, Humanities and Law).



The main objective of the MA in Political Philosophy is to prepare researchers in this discipline by providing them with the theoretical knowledge, methodological abilities and critical and analytical attitude necessary to conduct advanced international research and take part in high-quality research groups.

Other objectives are:

  • To develop the necessary research competence to embark upon and successfully complete a PhD programme in Political Philosophy in the best international institutions and organizations.
  • To prepare high-level researchers in the field of Political Philosophy and in the research fields of the Departments of Political and Social Sciences, Humanities and Law, and develop new lines of research within these departments.
  • To acquire personal skills that will improve participants' chances of successfully entering the labour market.


Career options

  • Researcher in Political Philosophy / Philosophy of Law / Political Science with a specialty in Political Theory 
  • Political analyst
  • Analysis groups in political and social organizations and interest groups
  • Analyst in political institutions and public administrations at European, national or local level


Academic Board:

Sonia Arribas (Department of Humanities)

Paula Casal (Department of Law, Philosophy of Law Area)

Serena Olsaretti (Department of Law)

Josep Lluís Martí (Department of Law, Philosophy of Law Area)

Ferran Requejo (Department of Political and Social Sciences)

Camil Ungureanu (chair) (Department of Political and Social Sciences)


Participating Departments:

Department of Political and Social Sciences (coordination)

Department of Law

Department of Humanities