During its duration, the project´s core team will involve the PI, two PhD students, two post-doctoral researchers, and Visiting Scholars. Other UPF-based contributors to the project are Paula Casal (ICREA professor), Anca Gheaus (Ramon y Cajal reseacher), and Andrew Williams (ICREA professor).



Maria Serena Olsaretti

Olsaretti, Maria Serena
Principal Investigator (PI)

Elba Paula Casal Ribas

Casal Ribas, Elba Paula
Collaborating Member

Cormier, Andrée Anne
Post-doctoral Researcher (October 2016- June 2018); Collaborating Member

Gheaus, Anca
Ramon y Cajal Fellow

Gheaus, Anca
Collaborating Member (March 2016-February 2020)

Magnusson, Erik
Post-doctoral Researcher (January 2017-August 2018); Collaborating Member

Spotorno, Riccardo
PhD Student (October 2016-October 2020)

Spotorno, Riccardo Maria
PhD Student

Trifan, Isabella
PhD Student (October 2015-July 2019)

Trifan, Isabella Maria
PhD Student

Andrew David Williams

Williams, Andrew David
Collaborating Member

Bou-Habib, Paul
Visitor (October 2015-September 2017)

Bozac, Zlata
Visitor (April - July 2018)

Brando, Nicolás
Visitor (November-December 2017)

Clayton, Matthew
Project Visiting Expert ( 3-7 June 2019)

Fowler, Tim
Visitor (October-December 2016)

Hodgson, Louis-Philippe
Visitor ( January -February 2020 )

Huais, Valentina
Visitor (September-December 2019)

Konjovic, Marko
Visitor (September-December 2017)

McTernan, Emily
Visitor (October 2018)

Valente, Manuel
Visitor (October-December 2019)

Weinstock, Daniel
Visitor (October 2018)

Perelló, Marta
Research administrator (On leave September 2018-January 2019)

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