Presentation Presentation

The structure of the EUTOPIA 2050 programme, illustrated below, is designed to deliver the four key points of the Vision: to be challenge-driven, student-centred, place-based, and inclusive across the axes of the local regional, the European and the international.

These concepts are interrelated in practice, so whilst a tight structure is necessary to ensure efficient management and delivery of the programme, it is planned that the Work Packages will cross-fertilise each other to deliver a holistic and integrated programme. It is this dynamic integration of the Work Packages that will be a significant focus of the management and dissemination/sustainability Work Packages, working thus together to ensure that the totality of EUTOPIA 2050 is greater than the sum of its separate parts.

The project is therefore organised in seven Work Packages, each one with a specific goal:


1. A governance structure and strategy for managing a European University Alliance (WP1)

2. A common learning community (WP2)

3. A common set of Knowledge Creation Communities (WP3)

4. A place-making capacity, policy and practice (WP4)

5. An inclusion balanced societies policy and practice (WP5)

6. A grounded and global internasionalisation (WP6)

7. A sustainability and dissemination policy and practice (WP7)


The core activities of EUTOPIA will be centred on education (WP2) and knowledge (WP3) by the creation of an EUTOPIA Learning Community (WP2) and the establishment of a EUTOPIA knowledge creation community (WP3). These actions are complemented by a distinctive focus on engagement with society through regional place-making (WP4), a balanced and inclusive Europe (WP5) and key international stakeholders (WP6). The programme will be managed by the EUTOPIA alliance (WP1) and its learnings and activities made open to society and embedded in a strategy that can be sustainable after the specific project’s lifetime (WP7).