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EUTOPIA STUDENT THINK TANK: Call for applicants!

The Student Think Tank will be a platform whose aim is to connect the knowledge, ideas and projects of students from different universities.



The EUTOPIA Student Council believes it is necessary to implement a series of platforms where students can express and share their brilliant work. That is why we created the EUTOPIA Student Think Tank (EUSTT), a place whose aim is to connect the knowledge, ideas and projects of students from the alliance.

What is a Student Think Tank?

An organisation that involves young people in policy-making processes and promotes values and human rights.

  • Collaboration in the organisation of events, debates and conferences that engage young people in the European University.
  • Promotion of projects that will target a large following of young Europeans (through Website and Social Media) delivered with the credibility and the perspective of a youth organisation.

The Student Think Tank will be a platform whose aim is to connect the knowledge, ideas and projects of students from different universities and to move towards the creation of a true EUTOPIAn community’. The EUSTT will not only allow students to share their work but will also provide skill-training which involves the student community in policy-making or decision-making processes. As students of the alliance, we want a EUTOPIA student community that supports the EUTOPIAn University spirit and gives opportunities to future leaders.

The EUSTT will be an inclusive platform where students and PhD candidates will have the chance to publish their research. Therefore, others will be allowed to give comments and feedback on that!

We want to build a team to make this project come true. So we are counting on you!

The first stage will be to build up the Eutopia Student Think Tank: setting the mission, vision and values of the Think Tank. As well as building a website which will be filled with content and images that represent us. Once this is over, we can start publishing. That means that all the students from the alliance will be invited to share their research and articles. The team in charge of the Think Tank will be responsible for deciding the content to be published, creating working groups, organizing events, and building a bigger community …

Who are we looking for?

We want to create a multidisciplinary team. Do you consider yourself a proactive, enthusiastic, creative, innovative and curious person? We are looking for you!

Roles to be covered:

  • General Coordinator: Responsible for the execution of the project and for managing the team.
  • Editors: coordinate and revise material prior to its publication. Editors review the articles and decide the material to be published. During the review process, editors offer comments and suggestions to improve it.
  • Director of Communication: The Director of Communication is the voice of the organisation. Their role is to elaborate the communication strategy of the think tank and implement it on the website and social media through adequate contents. The aim is to extend the impact of the think tank.
  • International Officer: The role of the International Officer is to look for student ambassadors in the union’s universities. The international officer will have the job to seek for partnerships with other universities, so that the EUSTT can be a broad network of youth perspectives and youth policies.
  • Website Designer: The web designer is responsible for creating the design and layout of the website.

How to apply?

Send your CV and a motivation letter to [email protected] by 15 January.



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