Back The Teamwork 2023 project celebrates its closure in Ljubljana

The Teamwork 2023 project celebrates its closure in Ljubljana

Almost ninety students from seven out of the ten alliance universities participated in this year's edition, twelve of whom were from UPF


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The 2023 edition of the Teamwork project concluded its second edition in Ljubljana with a meeting of the participants and project leaders. TeamWork is an initiative within the framework of the EUTOPIA Alliance that allows students to collaborate on a specific project of an organization or company.

This year's edition saw the participation of almost ninety students from seven of the ten alliance universities, twelve of them from UPF. During some weeks in June and July, they worked collaboratively on social challenges posed by various types of entities from different sectors, alongside other international students.

This second edition of TeamWork closed on September 7th and 8th with a meeting at the University of Ljubljana, which also participates in the project. During this event, some of the students who had been collaborating together during the summer had the opportunity to meet face to face with their peers from other universities.

The meeting served as a platform to share different experiences and evaluate the contributions of students, as well as the companies and organizations involved in the project. In this regard, Mar Lluís, the head of the UPF's professional career service, positively emphasized the impact of the project and highlighted that TeamWork is "an example of EUTOPIA's mobility component."

In fact, the project aims to offer students, beyond the international experience, skills and competencies such as leadership, teamwork, and interculturality. Lluís further stressed that the experience allows students to "get to know their competencies, strengths, and weaknesses in greater depth." Collaborating with real companies is "more than an academic experience," he emphasized, stating that "many will put it on their resumes as their first experience in a company."



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