Back The second round of EUTOPIA's Connected Communities meet at the University of Warwick

The second round of EUTOPIA's Connected Communities meet at the University of Warwick

At the end of last month, the second reflection day of EUTOPIA's Connected Communities took place at the University of Warwick, which brought together the ten universities of the alliance.


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The work of EUTOPIA's Connected Communities continues and at the end of April the second reflection and consolidation session on the work done was held at the University of Warwick (United Kingdom), with the participation of Pompeu University Fabra and the other universities of the alliance.

The Connected Communities are participated by members of the different EUTOPIA universities, who coordinate to carry out teaching activities, with one of the members as leader. They have a life cycle that consists of a first year of initiation in which the work begins, a second year of consolidation in which this face-to-face meeting of the ten members of the alliance takes place, and a third year of projection of the task carried out. Throughout the EUTOPIA 2050 pilot project, one round of communities was launched for each year of the project, including a total of 25 Connected Communities.

On this occasion, among the members of the UPF community who participated are professors Miquel Oliver, from the Department of Technologies, Sílvia Morgades, from the Department of Law, Christopher Tulloch, from the Department of Communication and Alex Coello, from the Department of Humanities. The meeting was also attended by UPF, the Rector's Delegate for the EUTOPIA project, Carmen Pérez.

The aim of the meeting was to consolidate the work of these communities, and to reflect on the implementation of EUTOPIA MORE's educational and research model in each of the different themes. Future strategies were discussed in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Legal History, International Journalism and Global Media, Epistemology, Text and Discourse Analysis and Global Connections.



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