Back Get ready for the Knowledge Bazaar Demoday! 21 June 2022

Get ready for the Knowledge Bazaar Demoday! 21 June 2022

An online event on Tuesday 21 June 2022, connecting 6 European cities via simultaneous streaming 


Are you interested in learning more about interdisciplinary research between the arts and sciences? An Innovative Research Marketplace is presented by the Knowledge Bazaar project.
The Knowledge Bazaar is a virtual space where ideas take shape and consists of audiovisual pieces of art based on research works. Sharing research creatively, this marketplace of knowledge is open to society and devoted to exhibiting the results of research carried out by the six original member universities of EUTOPIA.
The fascinating aspect of the Bazaar is that it does not display research outcomes traditionally. Instead, it is a space of creation itself, where research is presented through experimental, audiovisual formats that are, by themselves, artistic research products. The Bazaar invites the user to experience the myriad of images and sounds which divulge cutting-edge discoveries through innovative productions.
On the 21 June from 4 to 6 p.m CET, the Bazaar will kick off with a launch that will take place on Zoom via simultaneous streaming on the EUTOPIA YouTube Channel link. If you are  unable to make it for the live event, you can later access this online exhibition on the EUTOPIA Website. 

More information regarding registration for this event will be soon published on the EUTOPIA web page.



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