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EUTOPIA Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (EURSS) 2022

EUTOPIA Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (EURSS) 2022

Submit your application before Monday 28 February 2022



The EURSS is a great opportunity for students to lead their own international research project. You will develop valuable transferable skills, build your confidence and enhance your CV and career prospects. Mobility is a key component of the EURSS: you cannot carry out your entire research project in the same country as your home institution.

EURSS step by step:


  1. Come up with a project idea! Get inspired by other students’ experiences: EURSS 2021 Virtual Showcase. 6 UPF students benefited from the EURSS during last summer. If you think that the EURSS is a good fit for you,
  2. Take a look at the application form and guidelines to understand what the EURSS means in terms of research and commitment. If interested,
  3. Find a home supervisor, an academic or post-doctoral student, at your home university and discuss your project idea. You will need their support for your project before applying. You can rely on your tutor, TFG supervisor or reach out to an expert faculty for the EURSS purpose only. Make sure s/he is fully committed and on board.
  4. With support from your home supervisor and local EURSS contact, identify a host supervisor. This must be an academic or a post-doctoral student at one of the participating EUTOPIA universities (CY, Goteborg, Ljubljana, VUB, Warwick). Your second supervisor should be able to provide support for the part of your research project which takes place in the country of their university. Please contact the potential host supervisor with enough time and with an abstract of the research project.
  5. Review the online application form. You cannot start an application and then save and return to the form: applicants are encouraged to download a copy of the form to work on with supervisors.
  6. Complete your online application by the closing date on Monday 28 February 2022 and inform your local EURSS contact that you have submitted your application.

The EURSS Review Board will meet in March and the outcome will be communicated by email to both staff and students by the end of April 2022. Projects should take place during the 2022 summer vacation.


All fully-registered undergraduate/bachelors students at UPF, as one of the EUTOPIA partner universities (CY, Goteborg, Ljubljana, UPF, VUB, Warwick), are eligible to apply for the EURSS bursary. Erasmus students and students on other exchange trips are not eligible to apply.

What does the EURSS cover?

The EURSS bursary contributes to your living expenses and other associated costs whilst carrying out your project (e.g. travel costs, accommodation, subsistence, childcare). Each applicant can request up to a maximum amount of €1500.

Final resolution:

EURSS 2022 Awarding Decision at UPF.






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