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INCASÒL and UPF work together within the framework of EUTOPIA

INCASÒL and UPF work together within the framework of EUTOPIA

115 students present 10 projects responding to the challenge on social housing




EUTOPIA defines a set of Learning Units (LU) to test the new teaching model where students become the center of the learning process. The Project Management Learning Unit, coordinated by Professor Miquel Oliver, has implemented project-based learning as a practical implementation of the EUTOPIA model. On this occasion, 115 students from different degrees in ICT engineering took part, together with students from Economics and Business, Law and Humanities. In total, they generated ten multidisciplinary work teams to respond to a challenge focused on the need to have subsidized housing (Social Housing) to respond to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11 whose aim is Sustainable Cities and Communities.

The involvement of organizations such as INCASÒL is essential to address societal challenges. In this case, it has been discussed the need to manage a high and scattered volume of data to respond to the different phases in which the organization decides on the construction of new social housing. The involvement of experts in social housing, housing and construction has made it possible to mentor student teams to reach concrete proposals and solutions to the problem posed.

The projects address the development of digital maps, where socioeconomic, urban or demographic information can be visualized to represent the potential demand for social housing. Another project applies artificial intelligence algorithms to predict in which area of ​​Catalonia it is more convenient to build more homes taking into account the entire history of social housing in INCASÒL. Another group of students analyzes data on the evolution of rent in Catalonia and its impact derived from the construction of new social promotions. Another example is the team dedicated to analyzing the case of Vienna, the leading city in social housing in Europe, interviewing its experts in order to extract specific recommendations for INCASÒL. And so on until reaching ten different proposals.

Projects presentation: feasible solutions to real problems

In this way, 10 projects were presented on 29 November 2021 at the Poblenou Campus where students, teachers, EUTOPIA staff and INCASÒL experts were able to discuss the different proposals for the improvement of social housing policies in Catalonia.

The students presented interesting and feasible options for future implementation in Catalonia. INCÀSOL congratulated all the groups and greatly appreciated being able to see, in a real way, solutions that could solve great challenges faced by the institution in its day-to-day life. Thus, issues related to databases, their visualization and various filters to create social housing were some of the proposals that, surely, could help INCÀSOL to optimize both time and financial resources.





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