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UPF is organizing the first in person EUTOPIA Week with the Planetary Wellbeing initiative as its central topic

UPF is organizing the first in person EUTOPIA Week with the Planetary Wellbeing initiative as its central topic

The event, which will take place from 22 to 26 November in Barcelona, ​​will be attended by all the EUTOPIA alliance rectors and represents a turning point in the development of the project.




Imatge inicial

The universities of the EUTOPIA alliance will meet from 22 to 26 November in Barcelona to discuss the present and the future of European higher education. This edition of EUTOPIA Week, which is organized twice a year, is special because it will be the first held in person after the pandemic traveling restrictions.

Led by Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), EUTOPIA Week will focus on Planetary Wellbeing, a UPF strategic project and very topical after the recent celebration of COP26. In addition, and given the radical transformation that not only higher education is experiencing, but society in general, it will be discussed what the future of universities will be like and how they fit into the European Commission’s proposal for European Universities.

EUTOPIA Week will therefore be a step forward to continue working on a horizon of new European transnational universities and to prepare all those involved in the project to be empowered citizens for today’s disruptive world.

A programme open to cities

EUTOPIA Week Barcelona will become the perfect setting to address issues such as research, academic opportunities, mobility and inclusion, sharing ideas for building the universities of tomorrow for the new generations. The programme will include round tables, cultural activities, workshops and several work sessions. Also, EUTOPIA partners will present new initiatives related to the present and future of the alliance.

Key events at EUTOPIA Week will include presentations on great opportunities for students and researchers, related to both mobility agreements and the TRAIN initiative, which offers a shared collaboration framework in research policies and innovation of member universities.

In this way, and thanks to the joint work, effort and collaboration of EUTOPIA teams, experts, students and several local entities, the programme will invite both strategic reflection and practical application of initiatives. The open sessions are designed for all members of the alliance university communities and can be followed in streaming.

Check out our EUTOPIA Week website and programme and remember that you have to register for all the open sessions that you are interested in attending. We are looking forward to meeting you during the EUTOPIA Week!






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