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WeDiscover Days Barcelona: a virtual journey to debate and reflect on the SDGs

WeDiscover Days Barcelona: a virtual journey to debate and reflect on the SDGs

The WeDiscover Days Barcelona have set a precedent, by being a meeting point, in a totally virtual manner, for the 6 universities of the EUTOPIA alliance.



Within the framework of the EUTOPIA project and as a first step towards the Open Innovation Challenge, the WeDiscover Days Barcelona were held, with great success, on 28, 29 and 30 October 2020. It is the first step on a challenging path within Work Package 4 of the EUTOPIA project.

With a programme that included conferences, talks, activities, visits and workshops, participants had the opportunity to rethink and reflect on issues related to some of the main Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): climate emergency, sustainable food production and consumption, social inclusion, resilient and sustainable cities and so on.

Subject experts had the opportunity to discuss the most important aspects of and possible solutions to many of our society’s concerns. These exciting debates and inspiring talks have achieved one of the great objectives of EUTOPIA: to go beyond the borders of university campuses, redesigning the current model of higher education.

The WeDiscover Days Barcelona also, of course, gave a voice to the students from the 6 universities that form the alliance. Students had the opportunity to exchange points of view, concerns and opinions on several of the topics discussed. This is an essential step to building the university of the future.

Given the current global context, the event had to be fully adapted to a digital format. The entire programme was broadcast via Zoom allowing the public to follow it from several cities throughout the world. WeDiscover Days Barcelona was not only followed from dozens of European cities but also from countries across 3 other continents.


For those who could not follow it online, all sessions will be soon available on the EUTOPIA YouTube channel.