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The first EUTOPIA Week drives the project towards a new horizon for higher education

The first EUTOPIA Week drives the project towards a new horizon for higher education

An event that has been quite a challenge, not only because of its powerful content but also because it has been totally digital due the restrictions imposed by the Covid situation.


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The first EUTOPIA Week, organized by the Université CY Cergy Paris, has just come to an end.

Once again, higher education has proven to be able to break down barriers, reaching each and every possible corner through innovative ways.


The EUTOPIA Week has been the perfect setting to connect, at all levels, with the universities that form the EUTOPIA alliance. Thus, all team members have been able to meet again to debate, discuss, coordinate and organize all the activities and phases that form the different 7 Working Packages.


One of the central points has been, precisely, that synergy between projects that is taking place within EUTOPIA and that responds to the urgent need to connect with the world.


In this way, several topics have been debated regarding the following points:

  1. Looking for synergies and connections across all the activities and Working Packages and working on them.

  2. EUTOPIA has in operation calls for more Learning Units, more cofunds and more students. The project has, definitely, a whole thing that is coming up.

  3. The EUTOPIA project has also proved a unique learning model. Due the current situation, and knowing what is going to come, all teams have responded wisely and all the universities from the alliance have adapted. The main point now is looking for a way to share this model that, today, doesn't rely on a physical basis.

  4. EUTOPIA wants and needs to have a voice in the higher education conversation, so all the teams are working on communicating this message to the world.

  5. There’re have been a lot of conversations about the future education and mobility. Not everything has to be digital so we have started to look for blended mobility, as physical encounters are crucial for digital education to work.

  6. Students, as the central axis of the project, are working on various initiatives such as Planetary Wellbeing, sustainability and multilingual education.

  7. The way EUTOPIA is engaging with the Pool of Partners and external stakeholders, has added one more thing to the list: Recovery. It is time to focus on that.

  8. The EUTOPIA model is based on inclusion and the connection between territories and cultures, which is why diversity is so important. The fact that the project has multiple views and approaches leads to a time where making a statement about that is basic.


It should be noted that one of the advantages that the first EUTOPIA Week has been completely digital is that the world can witness all the talks, conferences and activities that have been held during the week.

You will find all the videos on the EUTOPIA official YouTube channel.


EUTOPIA has arrived to set a precedent, creating a unique education model that will change the current paradigm, improving it in several aspects. A project that carries the banner for inclusion, coherence, internationalization and students as central axes. A project that is here to stay