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EUTOPIA Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (EURSS)

EUTOPIA Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (EURSS)

As a way to open up new opportunities, EUTOPIA offers the Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (EURSS).

A great chance to lead your own international research project.


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EUTOPIA is a challenge-led, student-centred, place-based, inclusive alliance of entrepreneurial, change focused universities. An alliance of six European universities that exists to create a connected and inclusive community of staff and students addressing local and global and local challenges. Funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ ‘European Universities’ programme, EUTOPIA is comprised of Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium), the University of Gothenburg (Sweden), CY Cergy Paris Université (France) , Pompeu Fabra University – Barcelona (Spain), the University of Warwick (UK), and is led by the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia).

As a way to open up new opportunities, EUTOPIA offers the Undergraduate Research Support Scheme (EURSS). A great chance to lead your own international research project. You will develop valuable transferable skills, build your confidence and enhance your CV and career prospects. 

We are looking for UPF students participating in this programme, which allocates a EUTOPIA bursary of €1.500 to carry out a piece of research abroad in another EUTOPIA partner country. 2 scholarships are available for UPF.  

Candidates will need to find a home and host supervisors. Selected candidates will receive appropriate support and training before conducting their research project, and produce an academic poster describing their results. Students will also have the opportunity to publish results in existing open-access institutional journals.

First steps to apply

Mobility is a key component of the EURSS: you cannot carry out your entire research project in the same country as your home institution. 

  • Firstly, you will need to find a home supervisor, an academic or post-doctoral student, at your home university and discuss your project idea. You will need their support for your project before applying. Please refer to your mobility coordinator.
  • Secondly, you will need to work with your home supervisor to identify a second supervisor. This must be an academic or post-doctoral student at another EUTOPIA university. Your second supervisor should be able to provide support for the part of your research project which takes place in the country of their university. Please refer to the EURSS contact at UPF through the mobility coordinator at your School. 
  • Once you have identified your supervisors you should complete your online EURSS application by the closing date on Monday 16 March 2020. You will need to prepare and agree in advance the content of your application with your supervisors in order to submit it online.

The EURSS Review Board will meet in April and the outcome will be communicated by email to both staff and students by the end of May 2020. Projects should take place during the 2020 summer vacation. 


All fully-registered undergraduate/bachelors students at one of the EUTOPIA partner universities are eligible to apply for the EURSS bursary. Erasmus students and students on other exchange trips are not eligible to apply. 

How do I apply? 

The EURSS does NOT arrange projects for you. You will need to come up with a research project and find a home supervisor who is willing to support your project. You and your supervisor will also need to identify a second supervisor at another EUTOPIA university to support the part of your project spent in that country. 
The online application form should be completed by the applicant and your home supervisor. You are advised to discuss and agree project dates, costs and ethical considerations with your supervisor before completing the form. 

What does the EURSS cover? 

The EURSS bursary contributes to your living expenses and other associated costs whilst carrying out your project (e.g. travel costs, accommodation, subsistence, childcare). Each applicant can request up to a maximum amount of €1500. You may need to top up your bursary if it is not sufficient to cover all the costs of your research project. You will be required to justify your bursary on the application form by providing a fully researched breakdown of projected costs. Twelve bursaries are available in the 2020 call. 

Completing the Application Form 

The form is to be completed in conjunction with the lead academic supervisor of your 
project. This supervisor must be based at your institution. You must complete part 1 of the form and the lead supervisor must complete part 2. You are advised to discuss your project costs, travel plans and ethics considerations with your supervisor before completing the form. You will also need the support of a supervisor based in the EUTOPIA partner institutions located in the country in which the overseas part of the research project will take place. 

For more information you have the Student Guidance Notes – EURSS 2020.

Please, read them carefully as you will find there all the detailed information needed to apply and complete the Application form.

Local EURSS contact at UPF

[email protected]


Update: Given the current situation due to Covid-19, the EURSS program has been canceled. The difficulty that would entail a virtual research stay is what has led to this decision. The selected candidates have already been notified.