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CREAD, Applied Econonomic Center for Development, Algiers, Algeria

Samir Djelti is Professor of Economics at Mustapha Stambouli University-Algeria and associate researcher at the Applied Centre of Development in Algiers (CREAD). He holds a Master degree in Economics of Migration (causes and consequences) and a PhD in Migration and Development from Algeria. He has developed the osmosis theory of human migration. In addition, he has participated in more than thirty national and international conferences and published about twenty papers in the field of Migration Studies. He has been a member in five migration research projects (Doctors’ migration, migration and tourism, labour migration, and migration and public health). He has also acted as a migration expert for the United Nations University UNU-GCM, the International Organisation of Migration IOM-Algiers, the International Centre for Migration Policy Development ICMPD, and Médecins du Monde MdM. His current fields of interest cover migration methodology, the osmosis theory, the colonial migration, migrants’ trajectories and settlement, migration and cities, and migration and access to health services.

Research keywords: History of Mediterranean migration, Human migration, osmosis theory, labour migration, migration and development, migration and entrepreneurship.

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