The five broad objectives are:

  1. To articulate a systematic, shared, innovative and accessible accumulated corpus of knowledge, capable of developing a Mediterranean Migration research agenda.
  2. To develop training initiatives and encourage knowledge exchange and collaboration between senior and young researchers, and PhD Students of both sides of the Mediterranean, between researchers and social/policy/political representatives.
  3. To promote conceptual and methodological advancement for a comprehensive understanding of Mediterranean Migration Studies.
  4. To promote the potentialities of Migration and Human Mobilities for the economic, cultural, political and social development of the Mediterranean and contribute to a multi-lateral and multi-level approach on Migration policies and Migration Governance in the Mediterranean.
  5. To place Mediterranean Migration Studies within the global migration agenda.


Four areas of interest:

  1. Migration and Mediterranean Geo-political international relations
  2. Migration and Mediterranean Governance and politics
  3. Migration and Mediterranean Social and Cultural relations
  4. Migration and Mediterranean Economic and Market relations


Subtopics of interest:

  • Refugees/Forced displacements in the Mediterranean
  • Multi-level migration Governance in the Mediterranean
  • Mediterranean Cities and Migration
  • Intercultural Relations in diverse Mediterranean settings
  • Transnational Mediterranean challenges (political, cultural, social, economic)
  • Citizenship Attitudes towards Mediterranean Migrations
  • Conceptual and qualitative methodological innovations in Mediterranean Migration research
  • Innovative data collections and statistics on Mediterranean migration
  • Human Mediterranean geography
  • Geo-politics and Diplomatic relations in Mediterranean Migration affairs
  • External dimension of migration policies in the Mediterranean area
  • Diaspora and return policies in the Mediterranean
  • Climate change and migration in the Mediterranean
  • Mediterranean Market and Migrations
  • Young Mediterranean Migrants
  • Social Mobility and Discriminations of Mediterranean migrants
  • Mediterranean Media and Migration coverage
  • History of Migrations in the Mediterranean.
  • Labour markets, employment and migration
  • Demographics and migration
  • Highly-skilled migration