Subscribe to the EuroMedMig distributive list!

Subscribe to the EuroMedMig distributive list!



EuroMedMig is welcoming new subscribers to its distributive list. The list serves as a means of disseminating information from the members of EuroMedMig that may deem relevant to the recipients; from news to own publications, including the EuroMedMig News, Working Paper and Policy Paper, National Workshop event invitations, Ph.D. Summer School updates, amongst other relevant information on current Mediterranean Migration Studies. The list is likewise a useful tool to be connect to a platform of researchers on Mediterranean migration. 

Anyone interested in Mediterranean Migration Studies, from public institutions to private associations and other groups, university departments, research groups and institutes, can subscribe to the list.

If you want to join the EuroMedMig list, e-mail us at [email protected] with the subject line "SUBSCRIPTION REQUEST".





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