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Call for EuroMedMig Working Paper Series



EuroMedMig is welcoming submissions to its Working Paper Series. The purpose of the EuroMedMig Working Paper Series is to disseminate research in progress that may contribute to the development of Mediterranean Migration Studies, with an effort to go beyond Eurocentrism, promote knowledge exchange between scholars from all the rims of the Mediterranean and beyond, and foster a Mediterranean Thinking in Migration research agenda.

Mediterranean migration dynamics and governance systems with several clusters are covered:

  • Migration and Mediterranean geo-political international relations.
  • Migration and Mediterranean governance and politics.
  • Migration and Mediterranean social and cultural relations.
  • Migration and Mediterranean economic and market relations.

Advantages of publishing a Working Paper:

  1. As it goes through a double-blind peer review process, it enables you to have a first objective critical assessment of your paper before its publication.
  2. It offers you the possibility of disseminating your first "argument" and sharing it with a larger academic and non-academic audience.

  3. It is quickly published.

  4. As it is open access with copyright creative common protection, it ensures immediate dissemination online and allows you to measure the number of downloads and visits by countries through our metrics.

  5. It does not preclude subsequent publication in a book or journal as long as you mention the original draft.

  6. It offers you the possibility to frame your work within EuroMedMig, an IMISCOE Regional network on Euro-Mediterranean Migration, within the Jean Monnet Network, and institutionally supported by UfM which in turn helps the dissemination of the Working Paper throughout the Mediterranean region.

For more information about how to prepare your submission and for the list of previous EuroMedMig Working Papers, please visit our website.

For further inquires, please contact us at [email protected]



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