Back Awad, Ibrahim


CMRS, American University in Cairo, Egypt

Professor of Global Affairs and Director of the Center for Migration and Refugee Studies, School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, at the American University in Cairo. He holds a BA in political science from Cairo University and a PhD in political science from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, University of Geneva, Switzerland. He has worked for the League of Arab States, the United Nations and the International Labor Organization, holding positions such as Secretary of the Commission, UN-ESCWA; Director, ILO Sub-regional Office for North Africa; and Director, ILO International Migration Program. His research interests encompass international migration; refugees; Euro-Mediterranean relations; international organizations; global governance; political transitions in the Middle East and North Africa; and human rights.

His recent publications include: “The Challenge of Global Governance in the Sustainable Development Agenda”; “The Multiple Levels of Governance of International Migration: Understanding Disparities and Disorder”; “ Egyptian Irregular Migration in the GCC Countries”; “Towards a Joint Approach to Migration and Asylum in the Euro-Mediterranean Space”; “The Making and Unmaking of the 2012 Constitution in Egypt”; “Labor Migration Governance in Times of Political Transition: A Comparative Analysis of Egypt and Tunisia”; “Population Movements in the Aftermath of the Arab Awakening: The Syrian Refugee Crisis between Regional Factors and State Interest”; “Breaking Out of Authoritarianism : 18 months of political transition in Egypt”; “International Migration in Africa”.

Themes related to current research:

  • Migration and Refugee Movements in the Middle East and North Africa (including the Mediterranean basin)
  • Euro-Mediterranean Migration
  • The European Union and Southern Mediterranean Countries 
  • Political Transitions in North Africa
  • Global Governance
  • Global Governance of International Migration

For more information about his research activities and publications see here.