Back 6th JMC Annual Lecture: Green Energy Transition & Injustice

6th JMC Annual Lecture: Green Energy Transition & Injustice

The EUGov Jean Monnet Chair and BACES have invited Prof. Benjamin K. Sovacool from Aarhus University to provide a lecture on Energy Injustice and Greener Energy Transition in Europe and beyond. 



The EUGov Chair has had the pleasure to invite Prof. Benjamin K. Sovacool (Aarhus University) as yet another guest of our Annual Lectures series (21/10/20). These are meant to invite a reputed academic to provide a lecture and to drive debate on significant social and political issues of EU Affairs. 

This year, the main topic selected was "Innovation and Transition to Greener Energies in the EU". Prof. Sovacool responded to our call by providing a highly stimulating lecture on the dark side of energy transition policies, the concept of Energy Injustice and the current processes of decarbonisation in Europe and in the modern global world. 

The official title of the lecture has been: 

"A critical justice perspective on Decarbonisation and its discontents based on four low-carbon transitions"

Due to the extraordinary circumstances, the Annual Lecture was hosted online on the Zoom platform, but it was still attended by a large number of students (BA, Ph.D.) as well as other professors and university staff. The connection records show a peak of around 120 participants. 

As part of our online strategy, we have now activated our own Youtube Channel where we will be hosting records of our activities, offering an opportunity to catch up on the highly interesting content of the event. 

You can also check the pictures of the event below: 



Profiles of the protagonists:

Prof. Benjamin K. Sovacool


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