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Extraordinary measures due to the outbreak of Covid-19

Extraordinary measures due to the outbreak of Covid-19

The current outbreak of CORONAVIRUS SARSCov-2 partially affects the JMC activities. All public activities (seminars, conferences, lectures, etc.) are temporarily suspended while research activities are still planned at smartworking level.


Imatge inicial

As part of University Pompeu Fabra and ascribing to the University's contingency plan, the JMC in European Governance is also involved in the current restrictions set in place all across Spain. As such, our contact office at UPF will remain closed and all presential activities planned by the Jean Monnet Chair (seminars, conferences...) are currenty suspended. They will be resumed once the situation goes back to normality.

In any case, most of our staff are still active at research level while employing smart working from home. We are still available at our personal e-mails where we encourage you to contact us should the need arise.




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Perfiles de los protagonistas:

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