Back I Annual Workshop on Gender & Sexuality in the EU (UPDATED)

I Annual Workshop on Gender & Sexuality in the EU (UPDATED)

The JMC EUGov (sponsored by BACES) is going to launch a new Annual Workshop series covering topics of gender equality and LGBTI rights. 




Event Details: 

Date: 12/05/2021 

Time: 15:00 - 16:30 PM


Roundtable Moderator:

- Dr. Giulia Marani, Uppsala University (SE)


Guest Speakers: 

- Prof. Mieke Verloo, Ranboud University (NL) 

- Prof. David Paternotte, Free University of Brussels (BE) 




This event is free, but previous registration is required. 

We will provide a digital space for the activity on our Zoom-licensed UPF platform. 

The Link will be sent to registered participants before the event. 


As part of our integrated strategy of Jean Monnet Activities, the Chair in European Governance (EUGov) (which is also sponsored by BACES) is inaugurating a new series of Annual Workshops on Gender and Sexuality in the context of the European Union. 

This first session is titled: "Anti-Gender Politics in Europe". 

The Workshop will be a yearly chance for furthering students' knowledge and raising awareness on these topics, bringing expert practitioners and academics to give talks to the UPF community, with a focus on the normative development of EU integration and the respect of the EU principles and protection of human rights across member states.

This event will also be included in the awareness-raising programme of activities that the UPF Equality Unit organises every year around May 17th, International Day against LGBTIphobia. This will be done in collaboration with Prof. Tania Verge (UPF)

For the current year, the Workshop will be held online. 

The structure of the event includes two thirty-minutes speeches from our esteemed guests and a final turn of Q&A with the audience. 

We hope to see great attendance rate from the UPF community and broad civil society which may be interested in the topic. 


The BACES/JMC Teams 



Profiles of the protagonists:

Prof. David Paternotte
Union of Equality: The Commission presents its first-ever strategy on LGBTIQ equality in the EU
Legal aspects of LGBTIQ equality


SDG - Sustainable Development Goals:

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