30/01/2020 | Dialogues on Europe with experts in Europe

30/01/2020 | Dialogues on Europe with experts in Europe

How will the future Europe be? Which are the current challenges that Europe is facing? Which European issues are relevant to you? Do you want to learn more? ASK THE EXPERT IN THE EUROPEAN UNION VIVIANE REDING!!



The Jean Monnet chair in EU Governance, in collaboration with the Barcelona Center for European Studies and the European Commission Representation Office in Barcelona, launches a new series of debates aimed to undergraduate and master students.

During the sessions, under the name "Dialogues on Europe with experts in Europe", they will have the occasion of raise their voice and ask 1st hand experts who have broad experience in the European Union.

For the first dialogue we will host Viviane Reding, former vicepresident of the European Commission (2010-2014) and former European commissioner (1999-2014).  




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