9th Doctoral Student Workshop (2021) 

EiTIC People's Choice Award

  • Alexandros Zacharakis. "Delegation of computations: assumptions vs efficiency" (Related News)

8th Doctoral Student Workshop (2020) - Cancelled

7th Doctoral Student Workshop (2019)

María de Maeztu DTIC-UPF Open Science Award 

  • Paula Fortuna. "Are Hate Speech Classification Results Reproducible? An Approach Using Deep Learning" (Related News)

EiTIC People's Choice Award

  • Adrià Arbués. "Multi-Person tracking by Multi-scale Detection in Basketball Scenarios "

6th Doctoral Student Workshop (2018)

EiTIC People's Choice Award

  • Jordina Torrents "Surgical planning system for twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome fetal surgery"

María de Maeztu DTIC-UPF Open Science Award 

  • Alp Oktem "Generating punctuation in Transcribed Speech: Combining lexical and prosodic features using parallel recurrent neural networks"
  • Xavier Favory "Freesound Datasets: A Platform for the Creation of Open Audio Datasets"

mVentures - The Collider Award for Technology Transfer Perspectives 

  • Adria Arbués "Identifying Basketball Plays from Sensor Data; towards a Low-Cost Automatic Extraction of Advanced Statistics"

5th  Doctoral Student Workshop (2017)

 EiTIC People's Choice Award to the Best Poster,

  • 1st Prize: Ciera Crowell  "Multiplayer Collaboration in Virtual Environments for Children with Autism".
  • 2nd Prize: Antonie Grimaldi  "Natural image statistics as a function of dynamic range".

Maria de Maeztu DTIC-UPF Open Science Award: 

  • Marius Miron :  "Training neural networks for classical music source separation"
  • Mónica Domínguez  "Praat on the Web: An Upgrade of Praat for Semi-Automatic Speech Annotation".

mVentures - The Collider Award for Technology Transfer Perspectives: 

Víctor Casamayor  for "Act as an intelligent robot, sense like an ant".

Intelygenz Award for Best Poster in Machine Learning or Mobile: 

Jordi Pons "Thinking a grounded deep learning paradigm for music modeling"


4th Doctoral Student Workshop (2016)

Best Poster- People's choice award  

  • 1st Prize: Pablo Aragon: Boosting Online democracy through Social Computing. Supervisor: Vicenç Gómez. 
  • 2nd Prize:  Ciera Crowell: A Full-body Interaction Virtual Environment for Promoting Social Behaviors in Children with Autism. Supervisor: Narcís Parés

Prize for Reproducibility in PhD research

  • Amit Ahire (GTI): "Interactive Character Animation With Hybrid Approach" (results not yet published, repository kept still private)
  • Pablo Aragón (AI): "Boosting Online Democracy through Social Computing (publication accepted - to be available in e-repository; data to be published with API and data exploration interface" - prototype data exploration)
  • Juanjo Bosch (MIR Lab, MTG): "Melody extraction in symphonic music recordings: dataset, method and visualisation tool" (publication, datasets and software ongoing, to be published)
  • Monica Dominguez (TALN): "Acoustics and Linguistics: The Natural Blend for Expressive Speech in Human-Machine Interaction" (publications accepted; datasets)
  • Georgi Dzhambazov (ASP Lab, MTG): "Keyphrase spotting of lyrics in acapella recordings using probabilistic modeling" (publicationassociated dataset and publicationcode)
  • Sergio Oramas (ASP Lab, MTG), Luis Espinosa (TALN): "Music Meets NLP: Datasets and Challenges (publication accepted describing dataset and framework"; datasetssoftware
  • Windhya Rankothge (Sup. J. Lobo): "Data Modelling for the Evaluation of Virtualized Network Functions Resource Allocation Algorithms "(publication 1 and publication 2data sets, modelling methods, software and documentation 


3rd Doctoral student workshop (2015)


  • Nerea Mangado. “Uncertainty and variability in biomedical engineering”.
  • Laura Becerra “Addressable wireless microstimulators based on electronic rectification of epidemically applied currents are feasible”.
  • Diogo Santos Pata “The effects of hyperpolarization-reset on entorhinal grid cells scale and intrinsic frequencies along the dorsal-ventral axis”.
  • Monica Domínguez “Information structure-prosody interface applied to speech synthesis”.
  • Raúl Parada “Towards measuring user-object interaction in IoT spaces”.