10th PhD Student Workshop

This year, the PhD Workshop will be somehow different  from what we were used to in the past. There will be 2 main changes:

  1. Instead of  posters, you will be presenting your research in video format.
  2. The workshop will be split in 2 different sessions:
  • Asynchronous PhD workshop: from  May 4 to May 6, 2022. Through the PhD Workshop web page and a Youtube channel, all contributions and videos will be accessible by the DTIC community. 

  • Synchronous PhD workshop: On May 26, 2022. The authors of the 3-4 best videos will be invited to present their work in ‘real-time’. The best video will receive the 2022 DTIC ‘dissemination grant’ as this year's award.

Furthermore, during this year's synchronous session, will be held the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the first DTIC Doctoral Thesis, and we would like to have as many of you as possible. 

1. Who can participate

Participation is targeted at PhD students from the Doctoral Program in ICTs. 

The committee will give priority to PhD students who have not presented their work in previous editions. All 2nd Year PhD students are expected to participate.

Why should you participate?

2. How to participate

Upload your video via the Application form. In addition, you will have to provide the Title and Abstract of your talk, 3 keywords, research area, and the name of your Research Group.

  • Submission deadline: April 10th, 2022

3. Video Guidelines

  • Maximum length: 3 minutes.

  • MP4 Format 

  • Suggested recording tools: Zoom / Meet

  • Recommended: include 1 or 2 slides to support your speech.


4. Award opt-in


  • EiTIC Dissemination Grant: A travel grant of up to 1400€ to attend a scientific event related to the PhD research (Summer Schools, Conferences, Research dissemination events)