People's Choice Award People's Choice Award

People's choice award

The best poster will be selected by popular vote. 


This award is restricted to students of the PhD program in ICT of the UPF.


A travel grant of up to 1400€ to attend a scientific event related to the PhD research. 

This grant can only be used to cover registration fees, cost of travel, accommodation and meals up to a maximum amount that varies depending on the location of the conference according the following table:

  • Spain: Up to 600€
  • Europe: Up to 900€
  • Outside Europe: Up to 1400€

It is required that the expenses claimed are at the most economical rate possible, and the student should present receipts of all expenses.


All attendees are invited to vote for only one paper at the end of the sessions. The scientific content and/or relevance is not evaluated. The presentation of the contents, the design and its layout will be the main criteria. Examples of subcriteria that could be considered are included below:


  • Title is meaningful and/or intriguing
  • Research question is clear, thesis or hypothesis or purpose of paper is evident.
  • Method / methodology / approach is clearly explained.
  • Key points of study are laid out.
  • Data/statistics, if any, support the conclusion.
  • Study results/conclusions are clear.

Design and layout

  • Text is legible, large enough, error free.
  • Appearance is professional.
  • Overall layout and aesthetics are pleasing (colorful, appropriate contrast).
  • Images/graphics reflect content and contribute to understanding (not merely decorative).
  • Data/graphs/images are appropriately labeled.
  • Bibliography is available (though not necessarily displayed on poster).
  • Any additional materials (digital, sound, handout, artefact, art object, original paper) contribute meaningfully to poster.
  • Poster is creatively presented.

Maria de Maeztu DTIC-UPF Open Science Award