The María de Maeztu Strategic Research Program at DTIC-UPF on data-driven knowledge extraction aims at contributing to bidirectional transfer models aligned with the Open Science and Open Innovation movements.

Award: 1.000 EUR to be used in further advancing the research of the awardee. If you wish to participate in this award you have to fill in this form

Evaluation criteria: The evaluation (information will be requested for those registering in the award) will consider aspects such as:  

  1. Reproducibility and open access

  • the availability of software and source code (eg., implementations of algorithms developed within the paper, but also scripts to run alternative systems with the exact parameter settings used in the paper)

  • available documentation for installing and using software and ease of installation and use

  • documentation of the functionality of the software; documentation generated from the code, e.g. with doxygen, is encouraged, as well as comments within the code

  • the implementation effort required to build the software

  • the availability and documentation of the data used

  • the openness of the license used for the software and data

  1. Visibility

Authors of accepted papers are invited to provide a website that gives access to data and software used in the paper. Special pages describing the publication, blog entries targeting non-specialised communities, etc will be specially appreciated, as well as the availability of content in internationally recognised repositories, UPF repository or the DTIC-UPF community in Zenodo.

  1. Impact

  • Its usefulness with respect a real application and the steps given to facilitate it

  • The involvement of people outside academia in the research