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 Check if  you need visa in order to enter Spain

 If a visa is required, contact our International DTIC office in order to obtain an invitation letter. 

 If you are coming with your family, apply for the corresponding authorisations and visas.

 If necessary, prepare the medical certificate to enter Spain

 Contact International DTIC office for accommodation.

 If you come from EEA, get your European Healthcare card.

 Do you want to drive? Is your driver's licence valid?


✓ Arrange a meeting with International DTIC office: [email protected]

✓ Arrange your accommodation.

✓ Get your registration certificate (empadronament).

✓ Open a bank account.

✓ Sign your contract and if necessary make your registration to master or PhD.

✓ If you are going to stay for more than 6 months, get your NIE (foreigner Identity Card)

✓ Apply for your Social Security Card

✓ Apply for your Healthcard

✓ Apply for the European Healthcard if you are going to travel to other countries in the EEA or Switzerland.

✓ If  applicable and depending on the circumstances, apply to register on the Electoral Roll for Foreign Residents in Spain) to be able to vote in local elections.

✓ Enroll in a Catalan Course.

✓ Leave your opinion submitting our Survey.


Cancel the bank account.

Cancel all services you had registered.

✓ Obtain an Employment Record of your professional activities in Spain from the Social Security and make sure that the information is correct.

Obtain certificates and qualifications of the studies and/or professional activities carried out.

✓ Keep in touch with us!