1. The limits of decision making. (Ruben Moreno Bote)
  2. Extraction of patterns from audio corpora to help our musical comprehension. (Xavier Serra)
  3. Joint local-global optimization strategies for complex wireless networks. (Boris Bellalta)
  4. Deep Document Summarization: Combining Text and Images. (Horacio Saggion)
  5. Data analytics in Smart Learning Environments.(Davinia Hernández-Leo)
  6. Coexistence of synchronization and desynchronization - Data-driven analysis of coupled network models. (Ralph Gregor Andrzejak)
  7. Multi-view learning and domain adaptation for heterogeneous medical imaging data. (Gemma Piella)
  8. Geometric and Semantic Scene Analysis. (Coloma Ballester and Gloria Haro)
  9. Machine learning based radiomics-genomics integration for advanced disease quantification. (Karim Lekadir)
  10. Anonymity and Accountability in Blockchain. (Vanesa Daza)
  11. Deep learning for computer-guided foetal robotic surgery. (Miguel Ángel González Ballester)
  12. Big Data and models for a better understanding and management of Heart-Brain pathologies in the young ([email protected]). (Óscar Cámara)
  13. Efficient exploration in reinforcement learning through structured randomization. (Anders Jonsson and Gergely Neu)
  14. Machine learning for the interpretable labelling of the cardiac microstructure from ultra-resolution synchrotron phase-contrast x-ray images. (Bart Bijnens)
  15. Multiscale simulations for translational explorations of emphysema. (Jerome Noailly)
  16. Low-dimensional dynamics of large neuronal networks. (Ernest Montbrió)
  17. Virtual reality and augmented web-based interfaces for the visualization of medical data and computational simulations. (Josep Blat)
  18. Technology-Enhanced Music Interaction and Cooperation. (Rafael Ramírez)